Blueberry Mojito Smoothie

I was approached by one of my favorite dietitian bloggers about participating in this wild blueberry smoothie contest a few weeks ago. I immediately knew I just HAD to make something mojito. I’m not a drinker, so I’ve never actually had a mojito, but it’s a gorgeous drink & I’ve been obsessed. Ever since that day just a few weeks ago, I’ve had my fridge stocked with frozen wild blueberries, fresh mint, and limes… they were just itching to be blended together into perfection. But then life got in the way, and good light time and loud blending time was in short supply, so I patiently waited.

Finally the day came and I was able to get to recipe testing. I had never used wild blueberries before, and by now I’m not sure if I can go back to regular frozen blueberries. Sure the wild ones are more expensive, but with their stronger flavor you don’t need to use as many to get that wonderful blueberry flavor in cooking. Also, the northwestern-er in me is loving these blueberries that taste a bit more like huckleberries. IN LOVE!

  1. 1c frozen wild blueberries
  2. 1 whole banana, fresh or frozen
  3. 1 tablespoon lime juice
  4. 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  5. Handful spinach
  6. Handful fresh mint leaves
  7. 1 cup water (or more depending on desired smoothie thickness)


Add all ingredients to blender, blend until combined



Optional garnishes: plain Greek yogurt, mint leave


     Wild blueberries > regular blueberries because…


  • They’ve got a More Intense Blueberry Flavor:Wild blueberries have a more intense flavor than regular blueberries. Wild Blueberry plants grow wild and are genetically diverse with thousands of interlocking plants spreading naturally across fields called barrens. It’s this diversity that gives Wild Blueberries their complex and delicious flavor — an extraordinary mix of tart and sweet.
  • Leader in Antioxidants:Wild Blueberries have twice (2x) the antioxidant capacity of larger cultivated blueberries. A growing body of research shows the potential health benefits of Wild Blueberries including gut health, diabetes, cancer and brain health.
  • Frozen at Harvest:The Wild Blueberry crop (99% of it) is frozen. These potent little berries are individually quick frozen (IQF) at harvest locking in their nutrition and taste. It’s nature’s pause button.
  • Unique Heritage:Wild Blueberries come from a special place. They are called “Wild” because they are. Wild Blueberries are not planted and occur naturally in barrens and fields in Maine and Eastern Canada that have been here for 10,000 years



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