Tips to Waste Less Food

Tips to Waste Less Food

We’re focusing on repurposing and freezing food in order to reduce food waste especially after christmas. Join us on our month-long challenge to reduce food waste and save the environment and our $$$ along the way!

Ok, we’re in the final week of our Sassy Scrap anti-food waste challenge. I can’t even believe it, mostly because my brain died when coming up with this list, and included 5 tips when there were only 4 Tuesdays to post in April. I think I need a break to find my brain. Please and thank you. So, instead of dragging it out, we’ll combine these last two tips and send you on your way!

Repurposing your food.

We already talked about all the ideas for using those sassy scraps. Remember? If not, check out our Pinterest account.

 Freeze it:

So many foods freeze easily, instead of letting your leftover pasta sauce get moldy, throw it in a bag and freeze it. Besides, who doesn’t love grabbing something homemade & delicious out of the freezer for dinner? I certainly do.

A couple weeks ago, when I went to a conference in Phoenix for a week, I planned my pre-conference meals so poorly! I ended up eating way less than planned. Instead of letting my food go bad, I froze the cheese I had in my fridge, some broccoli, and my leftover lentil bolognese. I had these delicious foods to look forward to for 2 weeks after I got home. Such a treat!

Here’s a guide from the National Center for Home Preservation on what freezes well:

Ok those were both really short topics, maybe it was better to combine them. We’ve had a great time challenging ourselves to be more aware of purchasing and avoiding food waste. My personal favorites are reducing the non edible portions of food (not cutting off so much of stems…), composting!, freezing, and meal planning. This is really the first challenge that I really took to heart and changed my habits through. I hope you’ve found some ways to waste less and save more (food & $$$$ of course).

We’d love to hear from you!

What have you learned through this challenge?

What works for you to reduce food waste?

Or does it even matter?