Hello! We are Sarah and Alex, Food fanatics and founders of Be Truly Nourished.

We’re sick and tired of all the nutrition and health positions out there! So many voices, so much crap, and even more confusion! We’re highly trained and experienced dietitians, and sometimes even we get caught up in the hype or the illusion of a great new way to be healthy! But turning back to what seems reasonable and what has been proven to be effective for enough people to make it worthy of changing guidelines brings us back and back to the basics. Join us as we navigate through this cluttered and confusing health world to “Be Truly Nourished!”

What does it mean to “Be Truly Nourished?”

Let’s break it down!


Dictionary definition of truly: in an honest manner: in truth : actually or really.

We’re here to provide honest and evidence based guidelines. You can truly count on us to provide up-to-date tips and information that has been scientifically proven.


Dictionary definition of nourish: provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

At Be Truly Nourished, we believe that nourishing our lives is imperative to one’s health, wellness, and greater satisfaction with life. We can nourish our lives in many ways by eating well, being well (accepting ourselves), and being active. Check out the tabs for each category for more info.


-We’re Bringing Wellness Back!

-All of our tips and information are intended to help people make positive and healthful changes, and to build their self esteem

-We strive to empower people to make positive lifestyle changes to promote their individual health and wellness (nutrition, exercise, self value)

-We will provide evidence based and reliable nutrition/wellness related information

-We will provide reasonable guidelines to follow, which will encourage positive lifestyle changes

We believe that nutrition tips+exercise tips+motivation+self value, worth, esteem= WELLNESS!

We hope you enjoy our blog and that we can help you achieve your own personal wellness! We also hope that you’ll reach out to us with any questions or concerns about our topics or other popular health topics.

~Sarah and Alex