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Recipe Redux: Lightened-Up Mac & Cheese

Melanie & I are really excited to announce that we are new members of The Recipe Redux! This is a great group founded by Registered Dietitians, and comprises of food & nutrition bloggers who contribute a “lightened-up” recipe related to a specially themed monthly challenge.

Without further ado, this month’s theme was “a special food memory”. At first I was excited, but the daunting task of finding a recipe that was actually a recipe (not just boxed pudding, brauts, or s’mores cooked over a scented candle) and could actually be lightened-up was a more difficult task than I’d originally thought. Then, I remembered the mac & cheese saga from elementary school.

I had the best ever mac & cheese at a friends house in elementary school. My mom & I spent weeks trying different boxed mac & cheeses, but they were never that good-or really good at all. Finally, after actually asking my friend’s mom (who was also my neighbor-don’t ask why we didn’t think of this sooner) what mix they used… Finally, my family was introduced to Pasta Roni Shells & White Cheddar. Have you tried this pasta? It’s bomb. As an adult, I could (and have) eaten a whole box in one sitting. That processed cheesy pasta is pretty low in protein and fiber, so it’s pretty easy to eat a lot, get lots of calories, and not feel really satisfied.

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