Best Food Choices before a Workout

We are currently living at a time where people take their health very seriously. Most people go to the gym and work out regularly. However, in most cases, some people still hit the gym on an empty stomach. This is mainly because they either don’t know what to eat before their workout or still believe the notion that you should eat on an empty stomach. If you’re going to work out in any workout trend, make sure that you eat something healthy. It does not mean eating an insane amount of food but eating the right amount.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best food choices that you can make before you work out. So, without any further delay, let’s begin:

Brown rice and chicken:


Brown rice and chicken are probably the perfect meal to have if you’re going to work out in the evening after a long day at work. According to several nutritionists, brown rice is normally absorbed slowly, and as such, you won’t feel a quick high right after eating and later feel sleepy. Moreover, it is a good source of carbs and fiber, while chicken is a good source of protein. The combination of these two foods can give you all the nutrients that you need for an optimum workout after a long day.



Oatmeal is another great food that you shouldn’t miss out on when you’re working out and controlling your diet. It is ideal to have some oatmeal before your workout in the morning. They make you feel fuller for a longer period, and as such, you won’t go hungry while working out. Moreover, they are also a great source of energy so that you can perform your workout without feeling fatigued.



Banana is an amazing fruit that gives you a lot of energy, making it a great choice for pre work out food. They are also very rich in carbohydrates. Eating a banana about 40 minutes to one hour before you workout can give you enough energy to keep you going for your entire workout routine. However, each person is different from one another, and as such, you should keep this important factor in mind.


Granola Bars:


Granola bars or energy bars are a great food choice to eat before you work out. They normally have a lot of carbs, which gives you enough energy to go through your workout. But make sure that your energy bar has an appropriate amount of fat and protein. You can usually check the nutrient content at the back of the package.


Peanut Butter Sandwich:


 This may sound a bit unconventional, but a peanut butter sandwich is actually a great food to eat before you workout. Many professional trainers and nutritionists agree that peanut butter sandwiches can help an individual work out better. However, keep in mind that the bread you use must be either whole wheat or multigrain. Peanut butter is also known for being rich in nutrients and extremely healthy. By combining these two items, you can get a lot of energy in the morning when you work out.



Last but not least, we have yogurt. Yogurt is another great pre-workout food before you try your fitness studio workout that can help improve your workout routine. It contains proteins, calcium, and some natural sugar which can give you the energy to aid you in your early morning workout. What makes it great for your workout is that it is easy on your stomach so that you don’t feel too heavy. You can also add some fruits, cereals, or even honey to gain more energy from it. However, make sure to consume the yogurt at a controlled amount. Too much of anything is never good.


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