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Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Our body is a marvel of nature. Millions of cells, muscles and tendons make up this marvel, and we cannot help but appreciate all that our body is to us. Our body is our home and it is incredibly important for us to take care of this home in every possible way. Do not take your body for granted, or your future could start looking very bleak. One of the most important ways to keep your health and vitals in check is by keeping tabs on your cholesterol level. Now, not many of us might know about this, but cholesterol is of two types-good and bad. And while we must keep the good cholesterol at its optimum level, it is important that we lower the bad cholesterol to stay healthy and fit. And we shall now look into the ways to do the same.

Monosaturated Fats are Good for You:

Monosaturated Fats are Good for You

Like we discussed a bit in the earlier section, some types of cholesterol are good for us, and monosaturated fats happen to one of those types. Eat more of nuts, avocados and olive oil to stock up on monosaturated fats. The monosaturated fats will help you in building the good cholesterol, that is, high-density lipoprotein, and reduce the LDL, that is, low-density lipoprotein.

Go for Omega-3s:

Omega-3s is found in abundance in seafood like salmon and mackerel, and it is extremely vital to maintain our heart health. Therefore, you must include more of these in your diet. Certain types of vegetable oils and butter have a high content of Omega-3s, and you must go more for these.

Cut Down Trans Fat:

Trans fats are usually found in vegetable oil and some kinds of butter and must be avoided as much as possible. These fats are made by the process of hydrogenation and are quite harmful to health. So avoid them to lower your cholesterol. Labels on grocery items could be quite misleading when you go shopping. They might suggest that the trans fats added in the items will help in keeping your heart healthy. But, you must know better.


Soluble Fibres are Good for Health:

Soluble fibres are not made to be digested by human bodies. But they can be digested by human beings due to the probiotics present in the bodies. These kind of fibres help in lowering lipoproteins and low-density lipoproteins and keep your overall cholesterol level in check.


You must include more organic vegetables and fruits in your diet, and try to avoid red meat as much as possible. Maintaining proper diet and regular exercise is imperative to keeping your cholesterol in check. With this, and the tips that we have provided in the article, you can live a healthy and wholesome life.

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